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Stress-free Exams

Exam-time is a stressful time in most households – especially for younger kids who have not yet mastered the art of completing exams successfully.

Our motto at StudyChamp is to make school, and in this case exams, easier.

There are many tips and ideas available on how to best prepare for exams. We sum it up in three points:

  1. Get your ducks in a row – Start early, make your summaries and schedule study time. How can StudyChamp help? Download our mind maps and summaries to give your child an overview of what to study. Encourage your child to also make their own form of summaries
  2. Practise (ie. studying) makes perfect – Practise subjects like Math, English and Afrikaans. Download our Exam prep workbooks that give you comprehensive practice in these subjects. For ‘study subjects’, get the facts in your head! (Unfortunately this is the hardest part with no shortcuts)
  3. Simulate the situation – writing the actual exam is stressful, especially if you feel unprepared. Simulate the stressful situation at home by downloading our mock exam papers or related tests. This should be the very last step in your child’s preparation, but allow enough time to revisit sections where problems are identified.

If you prepared well, this will ease the stress and give your children the confidence to ace their exams!


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