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Get EXAM ready with StudyChamp

Step 1: Start Early and Practise!

Help your child this year to prepare for the exams using StudyChamp's exam prep materials.

What does StudyChamp offer?

Workbooks and exam practice papers are available for Grade 4 to 8 for Mathematics, English and Afrikaans 1st Additional Language.

Workbooks are also available for a number of the 'study subjects' (Geography, History and Natural Sciences) for Grade 5 to 7.

How should our study materials be used to help your child ACE their exams?

The workbooks are comprehensive (especially Mathematics workbooks), covering most of the concepts and topics prescribed for Grade 4 to 8.

The idea is not for children to do every single question, but rather to focus on the concepts that need practise.

Two or three days before the actual exam, do the practice paper. If problems arise, revisit the workbooks for more practise.

The exam practice papers will always include a few more advanced questions, problem solving and application of knowledge.

Which topics are covered by the exam workbooks?

For Mathematics, English and Afrikaans, the workbooks cover most of the curriculum for the year.

For the other subjects, a selection of topics has been made.

If you find that the topics your child will be assessed on, are not covered in the exam workbook, simply browse to the Grade and Subject and search for tests on those topics.

Remember that we also offer mind maps and summaries on a number of topics for Geography, History and Natural Sciences.

In the case of Exams, Practise does make Perfect!



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